Welcome to Leathered Longhorn


I am a 6th generation cattlemen. My family had a fairly large dairy up until 2017, where we transferred our focus to a beef program. At that time Entourage LLR Land and Cattle was formed. This consisted of a family merge of my father, Mark and my cousin, Will. My father is respected in the dairy industry for not only breeding champion dairy cows, but judging them as well. Will brought his knowledge back from Oklahoma where he ran a large cow calf operation. Will is respected in both the Angus and Hereford show world.

After years of working with my family's cattle, I was ready to start my own herd. I knew from the start that I wanted it to be Longhorns. It was their hardiness that first intrigued me, or maybe it was their ease in calving? There are so many wonderful traits this breed carries that it was an easy direction for me. I love so many things about the cattle industry but it is the breeding that really gets exciting. My Uncle, Dr Matt Iager, DVM is a Bovine Embryologist. He has been a vital part of my breeding program. My goal is to make the most efficient animal when it comes time to butcher. As always, it goes back to the females. Your females have to be fundamentally correct to have the best results when it comes to calving, and providing for said calf. Not only do they have to be anatomically correct, they also have to have correct, and powerful udders. Personally, horns and cool colors are just a bonus, in the end you can’t eat hide nor horns.

I hang my hat here in Central Maryland. Maryland has been called America in Miniature because of just how much is jam packed into this small state. I can go east and dip my toes in the Atlantic Ocean or I can head west and go snowmobiling in the mountains. Home for me and my herd in right smack center of the state in the small town of Woodbine, just 2 miles off of Route 70.  This industry has allowed me to meet so many great people even though I've only been in it for a short period of time. From the east coast to the west coast, I am happy to say that I have relationship all throughout. 

If you are interested in talking Longhorns or you have questions about my leatherwork, shoot me a message or give me a call.